PET Acoustical Panel


Pet Acoustic panel used:

Credence ‘s  PET  Acoustic Panels are large sturdy sheets, it is very soft to touch. The panels can be used in many scenarios such as wall and ceiling covering, in room dividers or custom installations.

Area of application:

  • Conference rooms,
  • auditoriums ,
  • seminar hall,
  • libraries,
  • recording rooms ,
  • cinema halls,
  • Malls,
  • study room ,
  • stadiums,
  • Disco, pubs ,
  • Hotels and where ever you require Acoustical environment.

How we used in different  places and application:

We have a long  experiences with multiple cutting methods in Credence industries.

When designing a custom cut out, logo or signing in our PET acoustic panels, we’re happy to give you a cutting advice and bring you in contact with one of our trusted cutting companies.

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Acoustic Panel for Meeting room

Acoustic Panel for Meeting room

Acoustic Panel for Meeting room

Now an essential part of any commercial interior from offices, schools, universities and even cafes and restaurants, sound absorption panels and acoustic screens form a vital part of the interior ambience. It has become possible to integrate acoustic screens and panels into these interiors discreetly and to flow with the rest of the room. Here Credence present a selection of ten well designed, stylish and high functioning sound absorbing panels and acoustic screens.

Credence creates stylish and attractive acoustic panels and screens with wool felt. Folded, shaped and cut by hand, these panels take inspiration from nature and organic shapes and form. To match any interior style, the panels come in a range of patterns and colors.

Professional Wall Acoustic Panels

Any workplace or office always demands a place where a business conferences or meetings could be conducted. People always need to meet at any firm for making deals. To do so, there is no better place than a conference room. Furniture, stage lighting, overhead projectors and sound system are some basic elements that facilitate your conference room. Acoustic panels are great for noise reduction in many buildings. From restaurants to home theaters, they can change the way a room is experienced. Credence industries are an industry leader in acoustic panel installation. Credence has helped many restaurants and businesses with noise reduction over the years, creating a more pleasurable experience for your customers.

Our acoustic experts by Credence industries

Designing of a conference room is not an easy task as it seems to be. One can create a rectangular room with nice furniture in it. But it is far more challenging to design a conference room that meets your company demands.

The interior of the conference room also plays a vital role when it comes the question of brainstorming or a problem-solving. The interior and decor should be designed in a way that it brings energy in that particular space. The trick to creating a great ambiance for brainstorms, innovations, and solutions is to equip your conference hall with the tools that foster creativity and encourages people to connect. Lighting is another important factor here. Harsh lighting in this space can drain the energy

Best Acoustical Office design.

It is actually the most versatile and powerful room in the organization (Credence). A conference room should not be too stoic. Remember that this is the place to bring your creativity forward. Therefore, it’s designing should be done by incorporating some amount of energy and playfulness in your designs.

It is important to assess all background noise from both external and internal sources and to determine the acoustic requirements of a space before implementing any of the aforementioned suggestions. Credence can assist you in doing this and provide suggestions and solutions for all your workplace acoustic requirements or problems.


Metal ceiling for homes

Metal ceiling for homes

Credence solved for static equilibrium, providing a structurally sound suspension method Metal ceiling for homes. Also provide Custom ceiling systems can be made in a variety of metals and techniques. Credence works with designers to create custom overhead systems, including interior ceiling design as well as exterior design of attractive room, homes.

Metal ceiling systems can be developed to include acoustic sound deadening by credence (The best brand for acoustic panel). Such Metallic systems benefit can be made with realize imagery and graphics embedded in the metal surface using image wall, wrapped metal and unique design elements.

Design with Hanging Suspension ceiling

Today virtually every new building, homes, which uses aluminum. Curtain wall extrusions, window framing mullions, storefront supports, spandrel panels, siding and roofing panels, louvers and many other common architectural products are made from this versatile material.

Credence have highly customization and can deliver an owner all the creative possibilities of a traditional home. Like their standard tiny home counterparts, they offer a low-maintenance lifestyle at a more affordable price, but with the opportunity to live in a larger space and to incorporate larger work spaces into one inclusive property.

Part of Metal ceiling for Homes

Baffle Metal Ceiling

The Baffle Metal Ceiling range consists of three profiles, Streamline, Slim and Simplicity, all of which are fully customizable to help you achieve a unique, attractive and modern look. The Simplicity Baffle system with credence is a striking addition whether it is installed throughout an entire room and over all balconies.

Three-Dimensional Metal Ceiling Panel

Credence always used together to create 3D patterns or randomly to add dimensional variability at lawn, garden big building etc, these panels provide unique and unexpected dimension.

First Choice of users is Metal Roof

Developing a metal choice to roof will usually mean working with a steel post-frame building, which naturally lends itself to the use of metal as the primary material for the entire construction. Building with metal will mean less concern about roofing and foundation problems, as well as other issues commonly encountered with a traditionally-built home.



False ceiling for conference hall

False ceiling for conference hall False ceiling for conference hall

The false ceiling for conference hall in any hotel ,college, restaurant, meeting hall has a seating capacity of up to 75 people and is ideal to host small to mid-scale meetings. The conference hall is well-equipped with air-conditioning, proper lighting, projector and screen, av control and other such upscale facilities to help you conduct your meets without any disturbance

Our banquet hall  is like as a conference hall- name of class is elegantly designed with beige-colored walls ,soothing lighting and false ceiling. With a capacity to accommodate over 150 people, it can be easily used as a party hall to host corporate events or personal parties.

 Decorative false ceiling

When a meeting is large enough that not everyone is able to hear all potential talkers in the conference hall, you need to turn to sound reinforcement or audio conferencing technologies. If the meeting participants are limited to only those physically present in the same room, the objective is simple: to increase the audio level of each talker within the boundaries of the room. Achieving this requires some sort of sound reinforcement system, and the main challenges are acoustical and use the false ceiling.

Benefits of false ceiling

False ceiling is a wonderful ceiling to enjoy the evening on your own room, network with other guests or catch-up with colleagues, friends or family to beautiful environment. In any conferencing or group meeting situation, we rely on some sort of microphone to act as an “electronic ear” to capture each talker. Although technology is getting closer all the time, there still exists no complementary electronic brain to process sound exactly like the human brain.

It’s up to the conference room microphone (or microphones) to do the heavy lifting—in most cases, at least. How well these mics do the job of simulating ear/brain audio processing depends on the specific type you choose, the range of types of mics and the many ways in which they’re used has led.

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Acoustic panel for conference hall

Acoustic panael for conference hallAcoustic panel for conference hall

A decorative sound treatment to control the unwanted noise that is hung on any conference hall, in meeting room,  in restaurants, gaming rooms, dining rooms, board rooms, hallways, reception areas, children’s rooms, common areas can all be conquered with a beautiful art piece that will absorb the river berating noise within an area.

Credence acoustic panel response of recording studios,meeting room, auditoriums and conference halls is to have an even energy response over the entire conference hall  and throughout full audio spectrum. This can be accomplished by using acoustic panels with complex surface structures that scatter acoustic waves and diffuse sound level variability over the room volume or through the use of sound absorbing materials to prevent reflections from hard surfaces. However, defining the location and orientation of these panels to optimize the distribution of acoustic energy currently relies upon experience and intuition.

Analysis of Acoustic panel

Modern construction and renovations contain like conference hall, meeting hall ,a lot of hard surfaces – timber floor boards, polished concrete floors, tiles and lots of glass being in vogue, reverberated noise bounces around like a billiard ball on a pool table.

A big Large surface where people come together to enjoy each other’s company are often noisy. Essential in interior design is to create a comfortable space for conference hall meeting room to be in with a high priority to ensure noise is controlled.

Quality of credence of sound proofing materials

Credence is the industries how effective are the sound absorption of the sound proofing material. That is how effective for the sound reduction you require in conference hall. If the material has a high level of soundproofing capability and can reduce the sound effects and the intensity of the sound being presented then that would be your first preference. You can check this via its noise reduction rating and  features that may be provided by the manufacturers of the materials. Compare the products that are most reliable and can serve you best.

If you have a noisy conference hall or restaurant and meeting room where everyone is speaking louder than the person next to them creating that uncomfortable ROAR, consider a digitally printed acoustic art panel or an acoustic wall, tailored to suit your needs absorbing excess noise, providing your customer with a pleasant experience and encouraging them to return.

 Our goals are provided solution to enhance a conference hall by credence industries acoustic making it functional and comfortable for you and our clients to be in.

Credence are provide own product & service in all states of india. So you can get in touch with us.


PET Acoustical Panel


PET-Acoustical-panel CI PET“is a decorative acoustically absorbent panel made from 100% PET plastic with a felt-like finish by needle punching processing. The production process is completely eco friendly, no wastage of water,no emissions, no waste. The porous nature of acoustic panel makes it sound absorptive & thermal insulated, adhered to walls and ceilings for clean looks and sound absorption up to 0.7 to 0 .95 NRC, custom cut and print. To ensure the flame retardant effect of acoustic panel, we use flame-retardant fiber as raw material, fire retardant reaches A STM E84 class A. As the substrate of acoustic carving panel, print panel, embossed tiles,hanging ceilings, screens, room partitions,work stations… acoustic panels high plasticity, easy machining, decorative

Area of application:

Conference rooms, auditoriums ,seminar hall, libraries, recording rooms ,cinema halls, home theaters, study room ,stadiums, Disco, pubs ,hotels and where ever you require Acoustical environment.


Noise free environment
Environmentally friendly (No chemical agents)
Highly decorative
Not easy deformed
Moisture proof
Heat insulation & energy saving

Technical Specification

Composition – 100% Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) (60% Recycled content)
NRC- 0.7 – 0.95
Colour – Multiple color range
Shapes & finish – Plain, stripes, Dots, curved …..etc
Size in mm – 1220 mmX24200 mm
Thickness – 8mm,9mm,12mm, 15mm, 20mm
Fires resistance – B1 Class-A
Edges -Square, Bevel
Density – 120 Kg/m3 -185 kg/m3
Recyclability – 100% Recyclable -Conventional

Acoustic Panel Design

Acoustic Panel Design Acoustic Panel Design

Acoustic panel design can be one of the most complex facets of architecture and construction. Depending on the purpose of a building or room, primary acoustical requirements could include sound control between spaces, sound control within a space, or listening efficiency in meeting rooms and auditoriums. Just as technical challenges can vary widely from space to space, so, do the choices of materials and design details that can meet them. Throughly exploring these options requires time and effort.

However, this investment can yield important benefits that clients will value just as highly as they do the allure of your design. Controlled sound and acoustics can enhance or inhibit human interactions, learning and healing. Happier tenants, higher property values, reduced turnovers and vacancies, and greater productivity are just some of the benefits your clients will enjoy.

Acoustic Panel for Auditorium

The completely renovated interior addresses acoustics with new ceiling clouds, which act to propagate sound to the rear of the auditorium. Acoustical wall panels on the side and rear of the auditorium provide needed absorption to keep the room from being too “live”. A new lighting and sound system vastly improve the functionality of the room. Other improvements include elevating the control booth for better views of the stage, new seating, a stage extension that brings the stage closer to the audience and new stage curtains.

Acoustic panel design for the interior

Home, room and hall design fresh and Attractive wall credence have ready for you. Compliance with modern design, based on a symbiosis of form, color and light, acoustic panels design are decorative interiors. Credence provide visual pleasure and improve the acoustics of the room and homes. Hard interior materials frequently used, such as glass, exposed concrete and brick walls, stone floors should be visually softened by the soft tissues.

Modern acoustic panels design can be mounted on the support, as well as walls and furniture are available in different versions for each application to correctly interpret the requirements of the corresponding object. Public buildings, private sector are covered with attractive decorative acoustic panels on the ceiling, the wall and designing hall.

Application of decorative wall panels



Credence industries is a most popular company for Acoustic panel, Metal ceiling, and false ceiling. Credence Provide best acoustic panel for auditorium, conference hall, meeting room, Seminar hall, office, school, malls, business hub and home. Credence operate at multiple city Delhi, Lucknow, Ranchi, Mohole, Kolkata.

Credence is a professional company that specializes in all ceiling and acoustic products and have other business vertical also. The company has enjoyed a good reputation for its workmanship excellence and work attitude. Credence designs, supplies and installs ceiling and acoustic for many considerable projects.

Product of Credence

Acoustic panel

Metal ceiling

False ceiling

Credence –A best quality Brand Company

Credence is an environmental friendly, fire retardant, excellent decorative panel which gives various choices to create an environment of high standard in color, appearance comfort and ambience. Credence is a best acoustic manufacturer in India to the highest standards and work as a standard absorber panel that offers a visual appealing way to resolve reverberant noise problems.

Credence is Brand Name for Acoustic panel, Metal Ceiling and False ceiling Industries which is known as the best quality brand Company. Credence is Acoustic panel and False ceiling manufacturer and Supplier Company in India which is working in all over India.


Credence are provide own product & service in all states of india. So you can get in touch with us

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Acoustic Panel and Ceiling

Acoustic Panel

What is Acoustic Panel

Acoustic Panel are very important thing in today, we are used it in commercial building we required for look and design; must be unique and beautiful. so we can used acoustic panel for make our infrastructure look more beautiful and decorative.Acoustic Panels are used to observe sound and control sound in  surrounding areas. They come in a different of sizes, types and colours to meet your design, budgetary, and durability requirements. Acoustic Panel is very custom designs are available in market because now a days we used some bright colour in our infrastructure we can  increased beauty of our walls and conference room through used of acoustic panel.

Acoustic panels increased our design skills and it give you a unbeatable look and fell. Credence is supplier and manufacturer of best acoustic panel in India. Credence is very famous in  govt if India projects . Credence provide best acoustic panels for government based tenders in India. Credence Acoustic panel quality in unbeatable by any other company. It is very fine acoustic panel.

 All of our sound absorbing wall panels can be fabric-wrapped, made from a Class A fire resistant rated acoustic foam, or covered in perforated metal. Polyester, polypropylene, cotton and fiberglass wall and ceiling mountable panels are also available. We have acoustic panels suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor structure.

Fabric Acoustic Panels

Fabric acoustic panels are a great solution for sound absorption and noise control for many different types of rooms. The panels are Class A fire rated, and there are different types depending on your requirements. Panels that absorb sound, barrier and absorbed panels with a mass vinyl sound barrier septum, high impact panels and tackable panels. They can even have custom artwork on the face. They are used on many different types of rooms; restaurants, studios, sound recording, broadcast, auditoriums, conference rooms, churches and many more.

False Ceiling at Credence

False-ceilings are an integral part of all modern and well-designedinteriors which in hold Credence at high level. False ceiling is just a second ceiling concealing the original. The persons who does false ceiling to your roofs along with their particular.   Concrete normal ceilings are well known by every individual. False ceilings are also called suspended roofs as they actually hang down from the existing surfaceAs it can come in multiple forms, be it the whole ceiling, partially or even curved, it has been widely used in residential and commercial projects. A dropped ceiling is a secondary ceiling, hung below the main (structural) ceiling is false ceiling. It may also be referred to as a drop ceiling, T-bar ceiling, false ceiling, suspended ceiling, grid ceiling, drop in ceiling, drop out ceiling, or ceiling tiles and is a staple of modern construction and architecture in both residential and commercial applications,